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yesterday was cool. CHRISTINA GOT TO COME HOME EARLY!!!!! so of COURSE i did something with her and her parents didnt come back from flordia yet so we had the house to ourselves with laura. so we called andrew and he came over then we went out driving around and then we called clark and went to clarks house for a little bit and michael was there and then neal called up clark and we all went out to the ball fields with neal frank and austin and it was SO freaking cold and we stayed out there for a while and michael let me drive his car and i felt cool. haha then me and michael went and gave his car a wash at the BP. then we went to erin learns cuz a bunch or people were over there and then clark neal and michael brought us back to her house at like 1. then this morning we went to church and then went back to asians and then came to my house and then gus and david came over for a little bit and then we went to church again and now im here. :D

damn it feels good to be a gangsta
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