B r i t t a n y* (imnotavril) wrote,
B r i t t a n y*

omg brittanys updating twice in the same month..crazy. haha

this weekend i had a good time. :)

friday- yarb and steven picked me up in steven's HOTT land rover for the baseball game and i met up with christina. they wont let us park in the outfield anymore which is gay as hell but w/e. then me and dana and asian went inside the game and watched them play we won by a lot cuz ow suckkssss. then we hung out after and me and jessica and asian went to sonic after then jessica took us home.. and me and asian just hung out.

saturday- me and christina woke up and went to her cheerleading tryouts and me and laura talked to mrs.lori while asian was in there and then we went back to christinas and went out to eat with her dad at cracker barrell and got really fat and saw will and will there. :) then we went to see christinas thing and she made JV :) yay go tina! then we got back and i called fogle to see whats up and then jt called christina and we went to the mall with fogle steven jt clay and theresa? clays date she's really pretty to get jt's and clay's tuxes and me and fogle just walked around the mall the hole time and then we left and went and hung out at 14 karrot cool i know and then jt took us back to chongs then we went over to fogle's hizzle and hung out there and then we went back to asians and went to sleep and i was up for 2 1/2 hours in the middle of the night cuz i had the worst stomache cramps everr :( and i was crying and i called my mom at like 5 in the morning and she said i just need to take tylenol then i woke up and came home to sleep cuz i wasnt feeling good.. and then i feel asleep at like 1 till 5 and fogle called and i've been talking to him. ;)
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