B r i t t a n y* (imnotavril) wrote,
B r i t t a n y*

m'kay the last entry was just a little harsh..
me and courtnie and katie and i are all cool now. which is good.
justins voice is gone and he's going to the doctor today and i hope everything goes okay. :X
if so he said that he's gonna call me (with his voice being gone?) and i'm gonna come over and go to church with him or something. :) i miss being with him.. we had so many good times. yesterday i found out that he made out with that slut kg and i couldnt help but cry even though we arent dating anymore. he was drunk but.. i dont find that as an excuse. i hate her.. i truely hate her. i wish that me and him could be together again without fighting and with lots of trust but i know that's not what he wants because he wants to be single or w/e and so do i but i'd choose him over being single. blah sometimes life's not fair. anyways i'm not grounded which is flippin' awesome! :D blah i dont know what to write about anymore seeing as to why i never update. peace homies.
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