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yay no school for the rest of the week!
christinas leaving me to go to flordia. :(:(
last night me and asian went on a date to see the incredibles but it was boring and it was only the two of us. haha
then we came home and rob and andrew came over and we watched real world and LAGUNA BEACH and shrek. it was fun.

i take back everything in the last post about what i said bout justin. he's a pathetic FAGGOT and he likes 7th graders! woo hoo got yourself a nice one there, justin. yeah im def. never talking to him again.

tommorows thanksgiving. yay. i love getting fat..even though it doesnt really work. haha. and for the rest of the week i have no clue what im doing cuz my boo is leaving me and shes my BFFLFDLKJ!! but tonight im going to the basketball game with andrew i believe. it shall be grand.

i got the rolly on my arm and im pourin Chandon and i roll the best weed cuz i got it goin' on
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